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Stratford Minor Hockey Association, P.O.  Box 21157 Stratford, Ontario N5A-7V4


On behalf of the Stratford Minor Hockey Association (SMHA), I would like to extend a warm welcome and best wishes for a successful and fun 2019-2020 hockey season.

This website tab has been published to help understand how SMHA works and operates.  It will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and describe some of our key policies.

We are very fortunate in Stratford in being able to put together teams at different levels of play.  Each level has its own commitment requirements and objectives.  Our travel program consists of AA/A (often referred to as Seeded or REP) and Minor Development (MD) teams.

Playing on a Seeded or MD team requires ability, desire, a good attitude, a willingness to learn and a commitment to the team.  At Stratford Minor Hockey, we have always believed that “good sports today make good citizens tomorrow”.  As such we encourage all players to put their best foot forward each and every time they step on the ice or in an arena.

Congratulations on your child choosing and being chosen to play for SMHA. Good luck and have a great season!

Should you have any questions or need clarification of anything, please feel free to contact us.


The Operating Procedures and the Rules and Regulations of this Organization have been adopted to provide players with an enjoyable and meaningful hockey and learning experience, and as such, we ask that parents adopt the following suggestions:

  1. Attend as many games as possible—your children value your presence which in turn shows your respect for them and their involvement and commitment to hockey.
  2. Instill a positive attitude not only towards the game, but to your child, their team-mates and coaches, regardless of your measure of success.
  3. REMEMBER that all coaches, trainers, managers and others are volunteers and are trying their best to ensure that all players have an enjoyable learning/playing experience.  SMHA offers seminars, clinics, and workshops to help enhance volunteers’ abilities.


The purpose of SMHA's travel hockey programs is to allow for the development of hockey players to highest level of competition and at a caliber most suited to the enhance each player's needs, abilities and desires.  As such, SMHA rules and regulations reflect this.


SMHA believes in promoting and developing amateur hockey for youths in our area.  This being said, SMHA endeavours to provide competition at the Seeded and MD levels and aims to develop each player to their maximum potential. 

SMHA believes in developing good character and fair play among players and all individuals involved.  This is done by teaching the importance of the values of physical competition, physical fitness, good sportsmanship, social participation and good fellowship.

SMHA believes that good sportsmanship is the foundation to fostering equal opportunities to all and future strengths as citizens of a community.  Civic support of this organization and all other community members that offer their support to SMHA is the basis for a strong and healthy program.

Operating Procedures and Policies

SMHA operates two levels of representative travel hockey.  There is AA/A which is referred to as the Seeded or REP program and a Minor Development program often referred to as the MD program.  Novice programs (for players aged 7 and 8), are considered Minor Development programs. 

Only players legitimately registered (per Hockey Canada, OHF and Alliance Rules) with SMHA are eligible to play.  Stratford Minor Hockey is a registered member of the Alliance Hockey Program of Ontario. 

Operating Committees

SMHA operates with various committees chaired by individual members of SMHA's Board of Directors.  A list of Directors can be found on the SMHA website under the ABOUT tab.  A list of committee chairs can be requested from the SMHA Secretary.

Coach Selection

SMHA Directors work diligently to select coaches. A Coaches Selection Committee is in place to help in the process; the Board votes on the committee recommendations.  Coaches, once selected, are published on the SMHA website.

It is a time consuming endeavour.  Telephone calls, emails interviews and meetings take place.  There are many factors involved when making a decision to select a coaching staff.

Like any selection process, subjectivity is involved.  However, the committee places the greatest emphasis on the applicant’s qualifications as both a Coach and mentor and also on his/her ability and desire to promote and implement the goals of this Association.

A staff is not excluded because it is comprised partially or entirely of parents.  What the committee does concern itself with is the evaluation of a coaching staff that has children trying out for the team being applied for.  In an effort to prevent any real, or perceived conflicts of interest, prior to the approval of such a coaching staff, every effort is made to ensure that the parents’ children have both the ability and the desire to play on the respective team.  The committee selects the coaching staff that they see as being superior and most effective.

SMHA does dictate that the same coaching staff is limited to a maximum number of seasons with the same age group.  The Risk Management Committee screens each member of a coaching staff very carefully.  All staff are required to have a Police Check done at the time of their application.

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to be carded with the NCCP (National Coaches Certification Program) holding, as a minimum, their "COACH 2 - COACH LEVEL" or "DEVELOPMENT 1" TRAINED or CERTIFIED depending on the team they are coaching.  All team Trainers must hold, as a minimum, a HDCO Hockey Trainers Certification Program (HTCP) Level 1.  All bench staff as well as Team Managers must have successfully completed the Hockey Canada Respect in Sport course (Activity Leader Program, also known as Speak Out).  All staff, including Managers, are required to have Police Checks.   Bench staff are also required to have taken Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training.

Player Selection and Tryouts

Tryouts are held in order to select players for SMHA teams.  Seeded tryouts usually take place early May, with Minor Development following shortly thereafter.

All players (with the exception of Novice) are encouraged to first attend Seeded tryouts; in the event they are released from Seeded tryouts, they are then asked to attend MD tryouts.  Should a player be unsuccessful in signing with a Seeded or MD team, they will be released to Stratford Rotary Hockey (Houseleague).  Minor Peewee players and above, if after attending Seeded tryouts and having been released and then attending MD tryouts (when offered) and having been released, will also have the option to request a Reverse NRP Passport allowing them to tryout for a team in an OMHA BB or below centre.  See Reverse NRP Plan below.

Eight year olds are asked to attend Novice Tier 1 tryouts; released players are then encouraged to attend Novice Tier 2 tryouts.  Decisions for a T2 team will be made based on turnout and skill each season as tryouts progress.

Seven year olds are asked to attend Novice Tier 3 tryouts; released players generally return to Stratford Rotary Hockey (Houseleague), however, some years there are enough players to ice two T3 programs.

The time, location and cost for tryouts are published in a local newspaper and on the SMHA website. 

There is never an easy way to make releases and the coaches will do this in a method they feel is best for the involved player(s).  All coaches selected by SMHA will try to make the right decisions.  However, they are not infallible.  Coaches will select player(s) based on the individual player’s ability, attitude, physical and mental potential, as well as their ability to develop.  All coaches will try to teach all players individual and team skills, tactics, self-discipline and good sportsmanship.

The teams each year that are iced will vary but generally speaking the full range of teams might include
[Note:  Birth Years reflect the 2019-2020 hockey season]:

Novice Tier 3 --> 7 year olds (2012 Birth Year)
Novice Tier 1 and 2 --> 8 year olds (2011 Birth Year)

Minor Atom REP / Minor Atom MD --> 9 year olds (2010 Birth Year)
Major Atom REP / Major Atom MD --> 10 year olds (2009 Birth Year)

Minor Peewee REP / Minor Peewee MD --> 11 year olds (2008 Birth Year)
Major Peewee REP / Major Peewee MD --> 12 year olds (2007 Birth Year)

Minor Bantam REP / Minor Bantam MD --> 13 year olds (2006 Birth Year)
Major Bantam REP / Major Bantam MD --> 14 year olds (2005 Birth Year)

Minor Midget REP / Minor Midget MD --> 15 year olds (2004 Birth Year)
Major Midget REP / Major Midget MD --> 16 & 17 year olds (2003/2002 Birth Years)

For more information on tryouts, please refer to our Tryout Information page under the INFO FOR PARENTS tab on the SMHA website.

Player Movement

Each year SMHA Board of Directors reviews the Player Movement Policy.  Player movement should be initiated by SMHA Coaches, not parents.  All prospective players between Atom and Midget MUST try out in their own age division.  The current Movement Policy states: " The coaches from both teams need to acknowledge that an underage player will be trying out for a higher level and complete a Player Movement Tryout form.  This form should be forwarded to the Division convener(s).”  If the player is asked to remain with the higher level team, members of the Player Movement Committee will approve/disapprove the movement.

Any player that has been involved in player movement must follow these same guidelines at the start of each season.

Team Size

All Seeded and MD teams are allowed 19 registered players on their Official Team Roster.  Two must be goaltenders.  SMHA requires that all Seeded teams carry a minimum of 16 registered players including 2 goaltenders and MD teams carry a minimum of 17 registered players including 2 goaltenders.

When a player is released from an MD team, the Coach will provide that player with a Release Letter. 

Made for Ontario (NRP) Plan

In 2011 the "Made for Ontraio" plan was passed by Alliance Hockey and the OMHA.  This agreement allows players Minor Peewee and above, from A and below base category Centres to tryout for a AA Centre.  The maximum number of “Non Resident Players” (NRP) is three per eligible seeded team.  If these NRPs are not offered a roster position on the AA team they must return to their home center. Players offered a roster position must return to their Home Centre at the end of the season.

In order to be eligible for the Made for Ontario Plan players must register with their home centre and obtain a "Non-Resident Player Passport" allowing them to try out in Stratford.  Players are only entitled to one (1) NRP Passport per season.

Reverse NRP Plan

In April 2018, the "Reverse NRP OMHA Rule" was introduced.  This agreements allows players Minor Peewee and above from base category AAA, AA and A centres, after fulflling all tryout commitments at their home centre, to try out for one (1) OMHA BB or below base category centre.  Maximum number of rostered Reverse NRPs is three (3) per eligible team.  Players are only entitled to one (1) Reverse NRP Passport per season.  If the player is not offered a roster position at his chosen option for BB or below base category team he must return to his Home Centre.  Players offered a roster position must return to their Home Centre at the end of the season.

In Stratford, to be eligible for a Reverse NRP Passport, players must first register and attend tryouts in Stratford.

High School Hockey

SMHA supports player involvement with the high school hockey programs.  When conflicts occur we strongly encourage the player to work out schedules with the involved coaches.

Affiliated Players (APs)

Players must be registered with SMHA/Hockey Canada in order to be an Affiliated Player (AP) with an SMHA team.

Players may only AP to a maximum of 10 games (unless the team whose roster they appear as a full time player has finished league play for the season).  This applies to all divisions including minor and major years.  Tournament play is excluded from this 10 game maximum calculation.  Goaltender games are not counted unless the goaltender participates (actually plays) in the game.

An AP may participate in a game, practice, or activity with the affiliated team only if the team that they are rostered to do not have a tournament, regular season or play-off commitment.  Suspension of the player and or Coach can result if this rule is violated.  An AP can be used to replace a player in the event of injury, illness, suspension or vacation.  The intent of an affiliated player is for emergency use not replacement of a player.  The Coach of the team requesting the player needs to get an approval from the Coach of the team that the player is rostered with.

A player may only be affiliated with one team, including AAA. If a player signs to AP with a team, they may be released by that team as an AP, however, they cannot be re-signed to a new team in that same season.  For this reason, we encourage your player to carefully consider the decision that is right for them before signing to AP with a AAA team.

SMHA has a limited affiliation agreement with Stratford Rotary Hockey; specifics for each season will be announced every fall.

Ice Time

Representative travel hockey is a big time commitment from parents, players, and coaches.   For 2018-2019, the expected ice designations will be as follows:

Minor Atom Rep through Major Bantam Rep will average two 1 and 1⁄2-hour practices/week. They generally have a 30+ game season with a guaranteed 2 rounds of playoffs. Teams may also participate in tournaments.

Minor Midget Rep and Major Midget Rep will average one 2-hour practice/week. They generally have a 30+ game season with a guaranteed 2 rounds of playoffs. Teams may also participate in tournaments.

Minor Atom MD through Major Peewee MD will average one 1 and 1⁄2-hour practice/week. They generally have a 35 game season plus playoffs. Successful teams will have an opportunity to play in the playdown rounds. Teams may also participate in tournaments.

Novice I and II (8 year olds) will average two 1-hour practices/week. They generally have a 35 game season plus playoffs. Successful teams will have an opportunity to play in the playdown rounds. Teams may also participate in tournaments.

Novice III (7 year olds) will average two 1-hour practices/week on half ice with the possibility of some games and a year end Jamboree.

Additional ice time is left to the coaching staff to arrange (through the SMHA Ice Scheduler) at their or their team's expense.

Playing ice time for players is not equal but it is fair.  The coaches take into consideration many factors and each Coach will outline their own beliefs at the Parent Meeting.


SMHA has chosen the colours of red, white, and blue for their teams.  Home game jerseys are blue; away game jerseys are white.  Hockey jerseys that are issued and approved by SMHA must be worn at all games and tournaments.  Practice jerseys are issued in different colours by the coaching staff and with permission a player can request to wear his own jersey to practice.  SMHA requires all players up to and including Minor Midget to wear red hockey pants.  Goaltenders may wear an alternate colour pant if needed.  Additionally, SMHA's Major Midget seeded team may opt to wear red home game jerseys and blue pants.

BNQ approved neck protectors are mandatory for all players within the Alliance.  Mouth guards are recommended but not mandatory.

All jerseys should be washed on a regular basis.

All jerseys (game and practice) must be returned at the end of the season.  If the jerseys are going to be sold that year then the Coach will be notified and parents/players can make arrangements to purchase their jersey. 

Lost game jerseys are subject to a $100 replacement fee per jersey (payable by the player).

Dress Code

All coaches and players within SMHA must abide by an SMHA-approved dress code.  Teams should dress in appropriate clothing as requested by each team's Coach. Players may not wear blue jeans or sweat pants to games. The following options are SMHA-approved:
• dress pants, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes (or athletic shoes)
• SMHA approved blue wind suits with a turtle neck and clean athletic shoes

Some teams opt for one dress code for home games, and another dress code for away games and tournaments.  We are representing our city and our organization and we hope that everyone is proud of this and that it reflects in your appearance.

Trainers are allowed and encouraged to wear running shoes or other rubber soled shoes at games for safety purposes.

Code of Conduct and Behaviour

In order for players to be eligible to play, SMHA requires both their parents sign a "Parent Code of Conduct".  Team staff will also be asked to sign a "Code of Conduct".  Acceptable conduct without profane language is a must for all representatives of SMHA including coaches, staff members, parents and players.  Abusive language and behaviour is presently on the increase and in order to reverse the trend, SMHA will take any steps necessary to ensure our association is represented in a most positive manner.  These steps will include discipline up to and including suspension of the offending party.  A copy of SMHA's Parent Code of Contact as well as SMHA's Harassment & Bullying Policy can be found on the SMHA website under the INFO FOR PARENTS tab.  Photography and video taping is strictly prohibited in the dressing rooms.

Grievances and Complaints (Other than Abuse and Harassment)

Sometimes parents have hockey-related concerns that need to be addressed.  We ask that parents follow the steps below when they have concerns of a serious nature.  It is important to note that if your team by some uncontrollable factor is without a Parent Representative, or if the Parent Representative is the problem, then your Convener should be contacted after the 24 hour wait period.


Parent Representation

At the initial parent meeting, each team will be asked to nominate a parent that will serve as their team representative for the upcoming season.  The Parent Representative will have a variety of responsibilities that will be outlined by the coaching staff at the first meeting.  A list of their duties may also be found under the INFO FOR PARENTS tab on the SMHA website.

Abuse and Harassment including Social Media Policy

SMHA believes strongly that hockey should be a positive experience for all and has been working closely with Alliance Hockey and Hockey Canada to help keep harassment and bullying out of minor sports.  We have continued to develop our Harassment & Bullying Policy to reflect the changing times.  The revised Policy applies to all SMHA participants — players, coaches, parents and anyone representing SMHA.  Anyone having concerns regarding abuse, bullying or harassment should review the Policy under HARASSMENT & BULLYING under the INFO FOR PARENTS tab on the SMHA website; the procedure for making a formal complaint is contained within the Policy.  Photography and video taping is strictly prohibited in the dressing rooms.

Respect in Sport for Parents

The Alliance requires that all players born in 2004 or later (2004, 2005, 2006, and so on), have one parent or guardian from each household complete an online Respect In Sport Parent Program. Links to the course may be found on the SMHA website under INFO FOR PARENTS.  There is a $12 fee for the course and will be at the expense of parents.  Players will not be able to be added to an Approved Roster until a parent or guardian has completed the course.  Unfortunately, a Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program cannot be used in place of the Respect in Sport Parent Program — the Parent Program still needs to be taken by one parent or guardian.  When taking the Respect in Sport Parent Program, the parent or guardian will link their certification to that of the player(s) in their household.

Annual Survey

A survey is made available online towards the end of the season.  Completion of this survey helps the Coaches’ Selection Committee when reviewing applications for the following season.  Information gathered from this survey also helps to direct the organization in planning clinics, training sessions and making association decisions.  Surveys responses are viewed anonymously; the only one with access to the full survey is the Parent Survey Chair. Only in the event of a serious abuse or harassment report in a survey response will the respondents name be viewed so the Risk Management Chair can follow up.


All teams traveling to regular season and play-off games must travel by bus.  SMHA has arranged a contract with a bus company (Cherrey Bus Lines).  This policy does not apply to tournaments or exhibition games.  Teams need to make their own travel arrangements for those games.

Transportation included in registration fees covers the cost of a school bus only.  If the team prefers to have a Highway Coach then a 2/3rds majority vote is required and the team is responsible for arranging and paying for this upgrade.  SMHA will not accept billing for this.

Those eligible to ride the bus will be players with one family member as well as team officials.  Space permitting, players may bring additional family members at no extra charge.

A minimum of one team official must be on the bus at all times.

Teams are responsible to ensure the bus is left in a clean condition.

In the case of a schedule change the team is responsible to contact Cherrey Bus Lines.  If contact has not been made there will be a $125.00 service charge that becomes the responsibility of the team, NOT SMHA. 

Smoking and Alcohol are not permitted on any bus at any time.


Volunteers are always welcome.  If you have any special talents that may apply to a specific activity contact your convener to share this information.

SMHA also runs an annual Chip Drive each fall.  The Novice to Major Peewee teams will participate in this event. Teams generally meet at 9:00 AM at the Rotary Complex and the fundraising morning usually wraps up by noon.

Each year SMHA hosts a Silver Stick Qualifying Tournament.  Rep teams are invited to participate; parent volunteers are often needed and teams will be expected to supply a set number of parent volunteer hours each season.  Winners of this tournament are expected to represent this zone at the North American Championships held in Sarnia, New Market or Port Huron.

This year will be our 2nd annual Jr. Warriors Weekend where all Stratford teams will be participating in the tournament the last weekend in September.  Each team will be required to full fill 6 hrs of volunteering at various rinks to help support SMHA.

From time-to-time, the association will also host other fundraising events that players and parents may have to participate in. Individual teams will also do various activities for team fundraising and your support of their ventures is greatly appreciated.

Annual General Meeting

SMHA holds their Annual General Meeting (AGM) the last Wednesday of May each year.  It is advertised in local newspapers and on the SMHA website.  Your attendance at the AGM is not mandatory but it is a great forum to express your ideas for the organization.

Team Fundraising

Individual teams may choose to fundraise to help offset some of their expenses.  It is not the intent to have a team fundraise the total cost of the season.  No team shall accumulate in excess of the actual team expenses for that season. 

The guidelines below have been adopted by SMHA:

  1. Fundraising is NOT permitted without the approval of the SMHA Team Fundraising Chair.
  2. Team fundraising application forms MUST be completed before any fundraising begins.  A completed budget must accompany the application.
  3. Clearly state that fundraising is being done for your team. 
  4. Use your team name when fundraising not SMHA unless you are profit sharing with the organization.
  5. Lotteries and Draws at the team level are NOT accepted by SMHA.
  6. Account statements must be kept and readily available to SMHA and/or all parents.
  7. At year end, a statement showing credit and expenses must be submitted to SMHA. SMHA must have this statement by the AGM in May.  Failure to do so could result in the denial of future fundraising for that team.

Your Parent Representative (or Team Treasurer) can complete the application forms and submit to the SMHA Team Fundraising Chair as soon as the team has agreed on fundraising activities.

SMHA will try to keep the activities diversified to ensure that teams are not all doing the same thing—this will enable greater success for your chosen activity.


SMHA co-hosts the Silver Stick Qualifying Tournament with the Rotary Club of Stratford.  Rep teams are invited to participate (registration fee is waived for those teams).  We encourage all parents and players to come out and support our seeded teams.  Tournament dates can be found on the SMHA calendar.

Stratford also hosts a Jr. Warriors Weekend tournament each fall. All teams with the exception of Novice Tier 3 will participate in this tournament.  Tournament dates can be found on the SMHA calendar.

The Board of Directors suggests that teams enter a maximum of two tournaments.  Any additional tournaments must have a 2/3 majority of parents to approve it.  Alliance policy restricts the number of overall tournaments and the windows of time that tournaments may be entered; teams will be informed of current policy each season.

If a team participates in a tournament outside Stratford that requires overnight stay(s), the cost for hotel accommodation is the responsibility of the player and parents.  Team Managers will generally arrange for accommodations; many tournaments mandate that teams stay at tournament-approved hotels so please follow your team Manager's instructions in this regard.

Teams may not enter tournaments during playoffs or playdowns unless they have been eliminated and have no additional scheduled games to play.


The Director of Sponsorship must approve all sponsorships.  If you are interested in sponsoring a team, please feel free to contact SMHA's Director of Sponsorship, Dan Jackson (519-271-1859).

Coaches’ Expenses

All coaches are volunteers and each season out of pocket expenses are incurred by them.  SMHA as a board recognizes this and provides the coaches with a  stipend to help offset their out of pocket expenses.  Teams are encouraged to assist with any additional expenses.

Non-Parent Staff Expenses:  If a tournament requires an overnight stay, teams must offer to pay for non-parent staff accommodations, meals and mileage.  Non-parent staff meal allowances are up to $45 per day during tournaments.  Mileage to and from the tournament may be reimbursed at 25¢/kilometer (does not apply to Stratford tournaments).  Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement from the team and accompany the team's SMHA Team Fundraising Final Financial Statement when handed in to SMHA at the end of the season.  No alcohol may be expensed.

Expectations of Players

Dressing Room:

1.     Always arrive for home games/bus times and practices as set out by your Coach
Greet your teammates as they arrive to the change room
Do not criticize the referee, the Coach or fellow team members
4.     Do not swear in the change room and always use respectful language
Listen to your coaching staff at all times
No horseplay- this includes buckets, throwing of garbage, snow, tape etc. in the change room
Undress and shower quickly after a game – as the bus is waiting on everyone
Leave the dressing room clean
Hazing – not acceptable in any form
Know and understand the Harassment and Bullying Policy
11.   Photography and video taping is strictly prohibited in the dressing rooms.

Damage of arena/change rooms will NOT be tolerated.  Anyone found causing damage will be suspended and will be held accountable for any costs. 

On Ice Expectations

1.     Do not criticize or abuse the officiating staff
Listen to what your coaching staff is telling you
Encourage your team mates — be positive
Play as a team — it takes all players to build a strong contender and championship team
Always give your best effort
You are not only representing yourself on the ice but your organization and city — be respectful at all times
Enjoy yourself — it is a game

Registration, Fees and Signing

  1. Pre-registration will take place online before tryouts or at the first tryouts.  Players invited to sign with a team will be asked to sign an Alliance Hockey "Declaration of Intent to Play Form AA/A and MD Hockey" following tryouts. Players asked to sign will also be asked to make an initial registration deposit of $300.  New for 2019: SMHA is acceptg Interac e-transfers through [email protected], please ensure you enter the player's name and year of birth in the e-transfer message.

  2. Final registration will take place at the Team Parent Meeting held in the fall. All parents/players will be expected to sign a Fees Agreement and complete all other necessary paperwork at the Team Parent Meeting.  Players may not play in regular season games or tournaments until registration is complete.

  3. The balance of fees will also be paid at the fall Team Parent Meeting.  Fees may be paid in one lump sum or by providing installments on a schedule provided by the SMHA Treasurer.

  4. The Alliance uses an electronic registration system.  A player may not play in tournaments until their registration is complete and they show as "APPROVED" on their Official Team Roster.

  5. On-ice helpers are required to be registered as an on-ice helper for insurance purposes.  No unapproved personnel are allowed on the ice at any time.

Player Release and Signing after Team Selections

If a player is released (or quits) from a AAA centre and they live in the Stratford jurisdiction they may apply to play for the team in their age group (SMHA has policies to follow for registering and release forms).  The player is not automatically placed on a team.  There must be a spot available (maximum number not signed) and they may not displace a player already signed.  Player releases from Stratford to other centres are generally only granted when SMHA is unable to ice a team in the player's division.  SMHA must adhere to Alliance/OHF/Hockey Canada's residency rules.

Any player who signs an Intent to Play with a Stratford team but then later withdraws will be entitled to a registration fee rebate based on fees paid to date less $100 administration fee.

League Play

All teams in Stratford Minor Hockey play under the Alliance Rules and Regulations.

League participants may vary year to year and may include the following teams: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington, Woodstock, London, Sarnia and St. Thomas. 

The Midget program also varies year to year and may play the following centres: London, Woodstock, St.  Thomas, Sarnia and Brantford.


All injuries require the completion of a Hockey Canada Injury Report.  The player will not be able to return to regular game play or practice until he has completed the necessary Return to Play paperwork.  Team Trainers will distribute the Return to play paperwork in the event of an injury.  Return to Play paperwork may be viewed on the SMHA website under the MANAGER FORMS tab.  There is one package for Concussions and one package for Injuries (other than Concussions).

Whenever a Trainer is concerned about the health and safety of a player on the ice, they may, at their discretion, ask the player to leave the ice.  Players must comply with this request.

Any lengthy injury or illness exceeding four (4) consecutive weeks will be compensated from SMHA.  The parent needs to initiate an application for a refund through the coaching staff.  To the Registrar, the coaching staff will submit a copy of the Hockey Canada Injury Report including injury date and the date the player returned to the ice.

Substance Abuse Policy

SMHA has decided to take a leadership role in creating a positive drug free lifestyle and a healthy environment.  Our pro-active role will focus on the development of physical condition, skills, confidence and sportsmanship through healthy living.

SMHA has a Risk Management team that will step in and follow through if any intervention is required.

The primary objective is to deter players from any type of substance abuse.  Drugs and other mind-altering substances are counterproductive to the conditioning and playing the sport of hockey as well as the developing of responsible citizens.

A help line is available at: 1-800-668-6868.

Skills and Goalie Clinics

Skills and/or power skating clinics may be hosted for players over the course of the season by SMHA.  Goalie clinics may also be offered. Alternatively, some teams will schedule their own player skill development sessions.  SMHA offers an annual contribution of $500 (per team) for team skills development sessions.

Body Checking

Body checking starts at Minor Bantam for seeded programs and participation in a Body Checking Clinic is mandatory before players may tryout.  A clinic will be held prior to spring tryouts which all players entering Minor Bantam should attend. There may be a second clinic once the season has begun.  Participation in this clinic will be logged in the players Hockey Canada profile.  By the 2020-2021 season, Body Checking will have been eliminated from Minor Development.


While hockey and sports in general can give a person the skills to function as a team player and good citizen, education will broaden their horizons.

SMHA strongly supports the school system and the importance of learning.

SMHA provides its coaches, players and parents with clinics to expand their knowledge of the sport.

If you have any concerns regarding schoolwork please talk with your coaching staff and together you may reach a workable solution with a positive outcome.

Board of Directors

Please refer to the ABOUT tab on the SMHA website for this year's Board members.

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