Constitution (Stratford Minor Hockey Association)



BY-LAW # 2-2020


A By-law Relating Generally to the Transaction of the









a)      The name of the Corporation shall be the STRATFORD MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION (hereinafter called the “Corporation” or “SMHA”)

b)      The head office of the Corporation shall be in the City of Stratford in the Province of Ontario






2.1.        The Corporation shall have the following affiliations:


a)      It will be a member of the Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario (MHAO) under the auspices of the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA)

b)      It will be operate in cooperation with the MHA, OHF, and CHA policies in procedures regarding signing and accepting Non Residential Players from surrounding areas.






3.1.        The purpose and objectives of the Corporation shall be:


a)      To promote, organize and develop organized amateur hockey programs for youths within Stratford and surrounding areas from U7 to U18 age limit including the development of representative teams with high levels of competency;


b)      To help develop good character amongst players, and other members, by promoting and teaching the important values of physical competition, physical activity, good sportsmanship, inter-community understanding and good fellowship, and the fair treatment of others (with respect to the latter, there shall be no place in the Corporation for discriminatory behaviour with respect to race, place of origin, family circumstances, gender or creed);


c)       Through the above, to help foster strong civic spirit among members of the Corporation and other community members who support the organization’s activities








 Membership in the Corporation shall be open to all players, parents and/or guardians who maintain residency within our affiliated areas, any others who are authorized by the MHAO Rules & Regulations to play hockey in SMHA and any other individuals who are admitted as members by the Board, regardless of sex, colour, race or creed. All members must agree to and abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Corporation.


4.2.        There shall be four (4) classes of Membership in the Association:


1.      Players and Team Officials of SMHA

2.      Parent/Guardians

3.      Board of Directors (“BOD”)

4.      Honorary Life Time Members (“HLM”)


4.3.        Terms and Eligibility


a)       Active Player/Coach/Assistant Coach/Trainer/Manager listed on an Active CHA approved roster within SMHA for the current hockey season.


b)      Parent/Guardian Membership: Parent/Guardian members shall include all parents and or legal guardians of registered players in good standing where the registered player is under the age of eighteen (18) years. Each parent shall have one vote per player registered and may attend the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) at the end of the season and vote if they are in good standing with SMHA.


c)       Associate Membership: Associate Membership shall include elected or appointed Directors or officials within SMHA Board of Directors that are in good standing. Members in this classification will be allowed one vote per person and or by proxy vote if they cannot attend.  They must be in good standing and attend meetings regularly.  If the Associate Member misses three consecutive meetings with no explanation they will be suspended from the Board of Directors and no longer be in good standings.


d)      Honorary Lifetime Membership: Honorary Lifetime Membership may be granted to an individual who has rendered extraordinary and distinguished service to the Association. Individuals may be nominated to be Honorary Lifetime Members by any Member of the Association and the granting of Honorary Lifetime Membership must follow the outline of qualifications in order to be nominated and approved with a majority vote by the Board of Directors.  If the HLM is an active board member, they will follow the same policy and procedures outlined for the BOD and will have (1) vote at general meetings and (1) vote regardless of BOD status at the AGM.









a)       Each Convenor within the Corporation shall have the duty of submitting to the Executive Assistant the names of all regular volunteers, sponsors, and players eighteen (18) years and older involved in their areas of purview. The President shall do the same for Directors and for standing committee members and other regular volunteers appointed by the Board of Directors.

b)      A list of current Parent Members shall be available from the minor hockey registration materials collected by the Executive Assistant.

c)       A list of current Active Members shall be available from the minor hockey registration materials collected by the Registrar.

d)      The Executive Assistant shall keep a current list of Honorary Members, based on the minutes of the AGM.






a)      Any member may resign from SMHA by providing written notice of resignation to the Executive Assistant accompanied by payment of all monies owing to SMHA;

b)      Members may be censured, suspended or expelled for breach of the By-laws, or Rules and Regulations of the Corporation;

c)       Termination of membership, whether by resignation, expulsion or otherwise, shall forthwith remove all rights within SMHA of the member, but shall not be deemed to discharge any financial obligation of the member to the Corporation that has been accrued prior to the date of such termination, and that has not been fulfilled. All money is still owed to the Corporation

d)      All matters respecting censure, suspension, expulsion of members, and termination of membership, shall be under the ultimate control and direction of the Executive Committee as specified by this Constitutional By-law, and/or the Rules and Regulations of SMHA which is subject to the rights of Appeal contained herein.








The Annual General Meeting of the Corporation shall be open to all members and to the public. The Annual General Meeting of the Corporation must be held after tryouts and prior to the last weekend of May in the current hockey season.




A Special General Meeting of members may be called at the discretion of the President, Executive and or by Risk Management Chair if required or deemed necessary.




All general meetings will take place within the first two weeks of each month between August and June in the Current year.  There will be no SMHA meeting held in the month of July.  The Annual General Meeting must be advertised on the SMHA website, and a public notice must be placed at least (10) days before the meeting is to take place in the local newspaper, or radio stations. The notices of Annual General Meetings shall contain nomination for available positions on the Board of Directors, which will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


7.4.        QUORUM OF MEMBERS:


A quorum for the transaction of business at any General Meeting, Annual General Meeting, or Special General Meeting, shall consist of not less than fifty (50%) of current members on the Board of Directors for that existing season.




a)      Each member, including each member of the Executive Committee of SMHA (in good standing), who attends the Annual or Special General Meeting, shall be entitled to vote on any issue requiring resolution at such meetings subject to Section 4.1.1.

b)      No person shall have more than one (1) vote unless a proxy vote is provided to be used for another member that can not attend

c)       A member can only present one (1) proxy vote to represent another member that is unable to attend. They must declare that they have a proxy vote while signing in, and identify the person that they are using the proxy vote on behalf of during registration

d)      All persons voting must be at least eighteen (18) years of age

e)      Election for positions will be completed by secret ballot unless there is no opposition. Then a show of hands can be used to vote

f)        Beyond this, voting may be either by show of hands or by secret ballot; whenever it is requested by a majority of voting members in attendance

g)      All questions shall be decided by a majority of votes from voting members, unless otherwise stipulated, and in the case of a tie vote, the Chairperson shall be permitted to cast a deciding vote




Any member in good standing, when seconded by another member in good standing, can request a confidential secret ballot vote on any item included in the meeting agenda.  This must be distributed at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting, if the agenda topic concerns:


1. Specific personnel

2. A contract

3. Competitive bid

4. Litigation matters





The following rules shall govern all Annual or Special General Meetings of SMHA:


1. If no quorum within thirty (30) minutes of the time fixed for the meeting to begin, the Chair shall declare that there can be no meeting on this occasion

2. The Chair shall have the right to require that any motion or resolution be presented in writing before the meeting

3. The Chair shall decide all questions of order, in accordance with the Rules of Order.

4. All meetings shall be recorded in writing and distributed to the Executive and BOD within five (5) business days of meeting




a)      Order of Business at Annual General Meeting: Normally the order of business at all Annual General Meetings of the Corporation shall be as follows:


1.  Opening of the meeting and an explanation of procedural rules governing the meeting; Reading of the minutes from the previous Annual General/Special meeting; Business arising from said minutes;

2.  President's address;

3.  Treasurer's Report;

4.  Committee Reports;

5.  Amendments to the By-laws of the Corporation, if any; unfinished business;

6.  Elections;

7.  Unfinished business

8.  New business

b)      The order of business may be altered by a two-thirds (2/3's) vote of members in attendance at said meeting.





Notice of proposed amendments to the Constitutional By-law and/or the Rules & Regulations of SMHA, must be made by electronic mail to the Executive Assistant no later than Forty (40) days in advance of the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Assistant shall, in turn, notify by electronic mail or equivalent, all members of the proposed amendments, at least Thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.




Any amendments placed before the Annual General Meeting that are not contrary to OHF and/or CHA Rules, must be voted upon and may not be withdrawn from the meeting, unless the person who proposed the amendments, requests withdrawal or puts forward a motion to defer the proposed amendments.






Amendments or changes to the Constitution may only be made at the Annual General Meeting by a two-thirds (2/3’s) majority vote from the registered voting members. Notwithstanding Article 7.9, the “giving of notice” provided therein, may also be waived at the Annual General Meeting by a 2/3’s majority vote.




The Chair shall determine the order of business at any Special General Meeting.




Executive Committee meetings may be conducted electronically in accordance with policies and procedures, and as required from time to time. General Meetings could be completed electronically due to uncontrolled circumstances




a) Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held in the first 2 weeks of each month, and on day of the week agreeable to the majority of members

b) Special meetings required of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or, in his/her absence, the Vice-President, or Risk Management director. Notice of such special meetings must be communicated to all Directors with at least 24 hours notice before the meeting is to take place.

c) A Directors' meeting may be held without notice, if it immediately follows the Annual Meeting of the Corporation.

d) Directors may consider or transact, any business either special or general, at any meeting of the Board of Directors.

e) Motions arising during any board of Director meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes.  These votes will be calculated from Board members in attendance, with the Chair having a tie-breaking vote.





A quorum shall constitute Fifty (50) per cent or greater of the current Board of Directors for the transaction of business, and if at least one (1) of the President or Vice-President are present and/or a designate has been appointed by the President or Vice President.




a)      Generally, the meetings of the Board of Directors shall be open to any members who are interested in observing the deliberations. It may be decided, that portions of some meetings should be held in camera. This shall occur whenever, in the judgment of the Chair, circumstances to be discussed require confidentiality (e.g., where delicate matters having to do with specific individuals are on the agenda).

b)      Permission to give representations to the Board meetings may be requested by individuals or groups. Such representations to the Board must be requested in writing with the topic(s) specified. Requests should be sent to the President. The President shall then extend the sender(s) an invitation to attend an up-coming meeting. Wherever possible, this will be the next Board meeting; and if the request for representation is received fourteen (14) days before the meeting, the board should endeavor to add it to the upcoming meeting

c)       The Board shall have the right to set a reasonable time limit for such representations, although efforts shall be made to see that everyone has an opportunity to be fully heard

d)      A written reply to the representation shall be sent within forty-eight (48) hours of the meeting

e)      Written representations may also be submitted to the Board through the Executive Assistant. Such representations shall be dealt with at the next Board of Director meeting, if they are submitted fourteen (14) days before the meeting. A written reply shall then be sent to the sender(s) of the representation within forty-eight (48) hours

f)        Minutes of the Board of Directors Meetings: Minutes of any regular or special meetings of the Board shall be available on request from the Executive Assistant. The minutes will be available withing 5 business days after each meeting. Material deemed confidential in nature, will be deleted from those minutes if they are provided for general distribution.







“The Executive Committee” can be referred to as “the Board of Directors (BOD)” and both terms can be used in place of each other. The Board of Directors with be comprised of twenty (20) members. Each member has a voting membership to manage the affairs of the Corporation.  


The Executive will consist of the following positions within SMHA Board of Directors:


1.      President

2.      Past President

3.      Vice President

4.      Executive Assistant

5.      Treasurer

6.      Registrar

7.      Ice Scheduler

8.      Director of Seeded Hockey

9.      Director of Minor Development Hockey


The remaining 11 Board of Directors will submit for available positions of interest to the President and Vice President.  If there are no other interested board members, the position will be given to the interested party.  If multiple directors have interest, the President and Vice President will select the best candidate for that position.  These positions will be held until the following SMHA AGM when a new BOD is voted in.






9.1.         Method of Election of Board Members:


a)      Nominations for members of the Board of Directors must be submitted in writing to the Vice President within fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.  After said deadline, nominations shall be deemed closed. Nominations must be for a person who meets the criteria for the position for which he/she is nominated as provided herein. Each nomination must contain the consent of the nominee, and the nominator. The latter shall also be a member in good standing of the Corporation. A member can stand for nomination for no more than one (1) position at a time.  However, if that member is unsuccessful with that position during the election, they can, if desired, then stand for another available position.

b)      After receiving nominations, the Vice President shall present a list of all duly nominated persons to stand for election at the next Annual General Meeting. This may include both nominations from the membership at large, and nominations by committee members. The presentation of the set of names shall be done via one of the media notices required for the Annual General Meeting by with seven (7) days notice prior to the meeting.

c)       At the Annual General Meeting, the Chair shall determine from the number of nominations submitted whether or not a formal election is required for that position. Where an election is not required with respect to a position, acclamation by a show of hands shall be deemed sufficient for election to the position. For positions where a formal election is required, voting shall be by secret ballot only, and ties shall be broken by secret ballot. For positions where there has been no nominations, nominations will be accepted from the floor.

d)      In order to be nominated for President or Vice President you must be a current BOD member for 2 years or more, and have held a committee chair position for more than 1 year and/or worked as a Director of Tournaments, Director of Seeded Hockey, and/or Minor Development.  Said nominee cannot be a Head Coach of a participating team for the upcoming season(s) while elected

e)      The Treasure, Ice Scheduler, Executive Assistant and Registrar will be a nominated position and voted on during the AGM.  If no candidate is elected at the AGM, SMHA will advertise for the role and request interested applicants.

f)        The President will assign a three (3)-person committee from the Executives to review the interested applicants. It must be a unanimous decision of the committee for the name to be put forward.  If not, the Executive will vote and majority winner will be assigned to the position.

g)      The President and Vice President will assign the Director of Seeded Hockey, and Director of MD Hockey from the new board after the AGM. 

h)      The results of the Board of Director elections for office in the Corporation will be listed on the website immediately following the election.


9.2.        Length of the Terms of Board Positions: ******AMENDED AT 2021 AGM Section 9.2 C & D******


a) Terms for Executives and Directors vary between two (2) year nominations and one (1) year nominations

b) Executive positions (i.e. President, VP President, Executive Assistant, Ice Scheduler, Registrar, and Treasurer) will be two (2) year positions
C) Board of Directors Positions – All positions on the Board of Directors shall have a term of two (2) years renewable through the election.

9.2. c. i)

To Allow for Annual elections and orderly change, the board shall stand for the election year in the following groups:

Group A                                                                                   Group B

President                                                                                 Vice President

Ice Scheduler                                                                           Registrar

Treasure                                                                                  Executive Admin

7 Directors TBD                                                                       6 Directors TBD

9.2. c. ii)

If a Director resigns after one (1) of their two (2) year term.  When the two (2) year term of Directors have been filled the next person with the most votes will replace the absentee Director for a one (1) year term. Exampled – 6 two (2) terms available once the 6 positions have been filled the person with the 7th highest will fulfill the one (1) year term.

If there is a shortfall of Directors to full fill the recommended roles the board can proceed to operate with the numbers of Directors available and seek to appoint new Directors at a regular meeting with 2/3 approval by BOD for the length of available terms.


9.2. D. 2021/2022 Positions up for Elections: 2021/2022 AGM for 2022/2023 Season


2. Ice Scheduler

3. Treasurer

4. 7 Directors 2 year terms

5. 3 Director 1-year term due to vacancies from lack of nominees from previous year

6. The outline for positions and tenure could be subject to change depending on elections of Executive positions and appointments.  The Board must be comprised of twenty (20) members unless there are not enough nominees at the AGM.  In the event the AGM does not result in enough interest to fill 20 Board positions, a motion can be passed at the AGM and after elections to continue with the amount that is present and wanting to participate on the BOD

7. Any Director may leave his/her position after one year by notifying the President sixty (60) days prior to the end of that current year so that the vacating position may be included in the election for the following year.

9.3.        Eligibility for Board Positions:


a)      No person shall be considered eligible for nomination to the Executive Committee until that person states that he/she qualifies for office under all MHA, OHA, and CHA regulations.

b)      Past President: if the President remains for a consecutive term, the Past President will maintain that position until a new President is established.  The Past President will have a vote at the AGM and will only have a vote at General Meetings if in good standing with attendance at regular meetings

c)       Candidates for other positions need not be members of the Corporation at the time of nomination.

d)      After being elected, candidates must be able to provide a Police Background clearance letter, prior to the first meeting


9.4.        Vacancies on the Board of Directors:


a) Vacancies on the Board of Directors, howsoever caused, may elect any person next in line with the highest number of votes from the previous Annual General Meeting, to fill the vacancy.   If there is no one to fulfill this vacancy, then the existing BOD may vote to proceed as status quo for the remainder of the year.


9.5.        Process and Procedure for Nomination and Acceptance of Life Time Membership:


a)         A Committee will consist of 3 members from the current board of directors

b)        The Committee members should consist of the President, one (1) board member with more than five (5) years of service, and the 2nd board member with more than two (2) years of service with SMHA

c)         Any nomination for a Life Time Member should be made during a Board of Director general meeting to the Committee, and at least three (3) meetings prior to the AGM with no exceptions

d)        The nomination can come in writing from any Association member, along with a history of the individuals service to the association

e)         The nominator must obtain four (4) signatures from the current Board of Directors to sponsor the recommendation

f)          The Association will receive a maximum of (1) nomination per year

g)         Once the nominator/sponsor presents the facts and the discussion amongst the board is completed, the Committee will remove themselves from the meeting to discuss in camera. The committee will decide if the individual meets the criteria for a Life Time Member

h)        Criteria to be considered

1.      Must have been an active member of SMHA and held an Executive Position during their service

2.      Positions held within SMHA and their involvement in these committees?

3.      Past History of events-is the member in good standing, and free of complaints or conflicts within SMHA and the public?

4.      Must have a minimum of seven (7) consecutive years of service within SMHA

i)           Once the Committee has made their decision, they shall present the information to the board of Directors for approval, or rejection. 

j)           The Committee may ask for an extension to review the facts brought forward, and request that the vote occur at the next General Meeting






a)      The Directors and other Active Members of the Corporation shall serve without remuneration. No Director or other Active Member, with the exception of the ice scheduler, shall directly or indirectly receive any profit from their position. Directors or active members may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties, and by decision of the Board of Directors.

b)      Exception-the ice scheduler has received and will continue to receive a set amount, that is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, prior to the renewal of this positions term.







1.      A Director or other Active Member shall declare that he/she has a conflict of interest wherever they or one of their family members is directly or indirectly involved in a matter before the committee/Board of which they are a member (e.g., when one of their children is a player involved in the situation under consideration). Once a conflict of interest has been declared, said Director or member shall withdraw from the meeting while discussions and voting take place on the matter in question.

2.      A Director must declare any conflict of the agenda items at the general Meeting prior to that agenda item being discussed.  The Director may stay and participate in the discussion depending on the sensitivity, or they could be requested to excuse themselves from the discussion all together.




Every Director or other Active Member who is directly or indirectly interested in an existing contract, or proposed contract with the Corporation, shall declare his/her interest and absence himself/herself from decisions on the contract. A general notice given to the Board of Directors or relevant committee shall be a sufficient disclosure of interest. If a member has made a declaration of his/her interest in a proposed contract, he/she is not accountable to the Corporation, or to any of its members or creditors for any profit realized from the contract




a)      Every Director or Other Active Member of SMHA and their heirs, executors, and administrators, who has undertaken a liability on behalf of the Corporation, shall at all times be indemnified and saved harmless by the Corporation from and against all costs, charges and expenses whatsoever which such member sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit or proceeding which is brought, commenced or prosecuted against him/her for or in respect of any act, deed, matter or thing whatsoever made, done or permitted by him/her in or about the execution of the duties for the Corporation, save and except willful acts, neglects or defaults.

b)      No Member of the Corporation shall be liable for the acts, neglects or defaults of any other member, unless through his/her willful act, neglect or default




The Directors and other Active Members shall not be under any duty or responsibility in respect of any contract, act or transaction whether or not made, done or entered into in the name or on behalf of the Corporation, except such as shall have been submitted to and authorized or approved by the Board of Directors.













The Executives of SMHA shall appoint Directors for specific roles within SMHA.  The Executive will appoint an Ice Scheduler and Registrar due to their demanding positions within SMHA.   The parties that would be recommended for these roles must present their interest to the Executive Assistant and would be interviewed by Executive Members that will be appointed by the President.  At this time, the results will be discussed with the Executive and voted on.  A majority vote will take place to appoint or deny the applicant to the position.  If appointed the appointments shall be in effect for two (2) years or until resignation or dismissal of either party.








a)      The banking business of the Corporation shall be transacted with such bank(s) as the Board may designate by resolution

b)      At least two (3) persons shall be designated for signing authority for banking business on the Corporation's behalf including, but without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the operating of the Corporation's accounts and the execution of any documentation relating thereto

c)       Two (2) Executives, including the President and Treasurer, will be appointed for signing authority on all accounts excluding the President.  One (1) appointed board member will be the 3rd banking signatory.

d)      Upon the resignation/removal of an Executive or Board member with signing authority, the accounts must be updated within five (5) business days adding the new representative(s), and removing the departing member(s).

e)      All delinquent accounts for payment for teams and players will be addressed on a weekly basis. The Treasurer is to notify the Convener of the delinquency of the team or player and arrange a meeting to establish deadlines for the payments to be made in full. and a deadline to make the payment in full to be established.  If payment is not received by the established deadline, then the team officials or player will be suspended until payment has been received by SMHA.




An annual Financial Review shall be prepared at the end of the fiscal year by an accountant or someone as may be designated by the Board of Directors.







Deeds, transfers, licenses, contracts and engagements on behalf of the Corporation shall be signed by the President or Vice-President; and by one (1) additional Executive.







a)      All members must sign off on Code of Business Conduct at the first General Meeting

b)      A member of the Board of Directors will become a non-voting member after which time that they miss three consecutive Board meetings without a valid explanation

c)       A member of the Board of Directors may be censured, suspended, expelled or removed from the Board of Directors for:

i. Breach of the By-laws or Rules and Regulations of the Corporation

ii. Failing in his/her fiduciary obligation to act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the Corporation and its members

iii. Failing to exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances

d)      The Risk Management Chair will select two (2) non-SMHA, and conflict-free personnel to assist in the complaint process, once received.  Upon the completion of the investigation, The Risk Management Chair will call a Special Meeting with Executives and Risk Management committee to present the facts, where minutes will also be taken

e)      A full report of the incident will be provided by the Risk Management Chair  

f)        A two-thirds majority of the votes by the Executives and Risk Management cast is required to enforce discipline of a member of the Board of Directors.

g)      There is no appeal process for the decision made by the Executives and Risk Management during the special meeting


At the completion of the decision, the President or Vice President will notify the remaining BOD about the events, and their decision, along with the discipline given to the member on the Board of Directors




a)      All players, Team Official’s, Parents and or Guardians must sign off on the respected code of conduct policies, and Alliance required documents, at the first team meeting. (Documents include Rowan’s Law, Gender Identity Participation, Coaches and Players Code of Conduct and  Parent/Guardian  Code of Conduct, Police Checks for Team Officials)

b)      Failure to complete these documents the player/Team Official is not eligible to attend practices or games until completed.  Once a complaint is received against player/Team Official/Parent or Guardian proper procedures are to be followed as outlined in the General Complaint Process and/or Risk Management for Bullying/Harassment procedures

c)       If disciplinary action is taken by Alliance Hockey or Hockey Canada, SMHA’s Risk Management or Director of Seeded/MD Hockey may add additional sanctions to the disciplined individual/individuals.  This will be separate from the Alliance and Hockey Canada discipline.

d)      If disciplinary actions are only taken on behalf of SMHA and they are under three (3) games, there is no appeal process

e)      If the suspension is greater then three (3) games, an appeal may be made by the individual involved, or Parent/Guardian if the person is under the age of eighteen years of age (18)




a)      An Appeal must be received in writing to the Vice President of SMHA

b)      The Appeal must outline the reason(s) for requesting the Appeal

c)       Once the Appeal is received, the Vice President will select one (1) SMHA Board of Director and one (1) person outside of SMHA to review the complaint process, from the time of the incident through to the conclusion which includes the reason(s) for the appeal request

d)      Once reviewed, they may choose to meet with the individual again to discuss and uphold the disciplinary decision, or present a new disciplinary decision based on the facts






Until otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors, the fiscal year of the Corporation shall end on the 30th day of April in each year. 


In the event of circumstances unforeseen or beyond SMHA, MHAO, OHF, or Hockey Canada control that the AGM and or timelines present in the constitution are not met, the next General Meeting or Special Meeting time lines will be set within a reasonable amount of time to complete all the tasks as required.


(20 POSITIONS) – To be update within 5 days of the 2024 AGM

Executive Renewal Season 
President - Chris Traynor  2021/2022
Vice President - Matt Smyth             2023/2024
Past President - Doug Maguire 2021/2022
Treasurer - Erin Wood   2021/2022
Director of Ice Scheduling - Kim Ruston 2021/2022
Director of Registrar - Jessica Traynor
SMHA Executive Admin - Tim Bickell 2022/2023


Dave Graff 2021/2022
Mike Knechtel 2021/2022
Colin Schmidt 2021/2022
Aaron Parsons                                                           
Matt Peck  2021/2022
MacGregor Austin - Olsen                                           
Jeff Molenhuis                                                             
Natasha Bell                                                              
Jon Paola                                                                   
James Mari                                                                
Colin Verspeeten                                                       
Matt Johnson
Dan Adair 2023/2024